Freya Harrison

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Hello! I’m Freya, an illustrator and designer living and working in East London.  Since leaving art school many moons ago, I’ve been designing and doodling for a wide range of publications, books, magazines, festivals, club nights, working with big brands, small companies and individuals alike.

From editorial to children books to branding to comics to interactive PDFs, I’ve got a variety of design experience under my belt.  I’m always up for a new challenge or collaboration so please get in touch!

Clients include: UKTV, Time Out, The Londonist, Google, Sony, Little Pickle Press, Heineken, Camden Crawl, Ping Pong restaurants, Scriberia, Computer Art Projects magazine, Pan Macmillan, Don’t Panic Media, Ladyfest, Rock Sound magazine, London Print Studio & Cardoo/Best Publishing Ever.

If you are interested in a commission or collaboration, please fill in the form below.

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